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We in conjunction with HIKVISION provide solutions to security and putting in place the necessary security measures within the contemporary community. Our offices are in Kampala Uganda, it’s from here where we strategically set up and plan for security that we offer around the country. We supply our range of security products and systems to both RESELLERS and ENDUSERS around the country. As Authorized Dealers we supply CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Intercoms and Burglar Alarms among other Products!.


Traffic Security -Traffic Enforcement

-Violation Event Detection by Secondary Analysis,Central server secondary analysis brings richer vehicle properties and higher accuracy.


Emergency Alarm System

Hikvision successfully introduce 2 pole panic alarm station for POC in Park of Turkey, which estimate around 1000 Devices will be installed it will provide the best solutions for the Safety of Park

Intelligent Traffic System

Motor vehicles and non motor vehicles can be captured and recognize features.Captures the motor vehicles and non motor vehicles at the same time? Extracting key information for big data analysis applications


All objects emit electromagnetic waves as long as their temperature is above absolute zero (-273°C). Thermal imaging detects, recognizes and identifies targets by making use of radiation difference among targets and background

Commercial Vision Products/Thermal Imaging
The checkpoint camera is mounted on the road, when a vehicle passing through, information as license plate, vehicle type, vehicle color and speed will overlay on capture image.

Intelligent Traffic System
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Safe City Solution
How to maintain public security and improve the efficiency of police is particularly important

Thermal For Forest Fire Prevention
Faster to discover fire point, using the fast dynamic fire source detection.

Portable Enforcement Solution
GPS information collection contributes to application and management 1 On-board enforcement system adopts all-in-one design with GPS model which is beneficial to manage mobile information such as track recording,position and over-speed.


Kampala, Uganda

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